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Psychosexual (Sex) & Relationship Therapy and Integrative Counselling.

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Jason Oddi - MBACP, MCoSRT.

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For nearly 20 years I have provided a range of counselling services: Integrative Counselling, Psychosexual (sex) therapy and Relationship ( marriage) counselling to support those struggling with life's ups and downs.


As an Integrative Counsellor and Psychosexual and relationship therapist, I weave together effective and proven therapy models to support clients with whatever issues arise.

I invite you to click on the link for the service that you require:

Call/text to arrange a fee-free 30-minute consultation.


Mornington street Mornington Crescent, Camden town NW1.

Online sessions are held through my dedicated online consultancy room hosted by Psychology Today and also through Zoom.

Sessions held online are equally as effective as in-person. 

My client portfolio includes domestic and international clients from diverse backgrounds, sexual orientations and gendered and non-binary spectrums.


I am allied with LGBTQ+ and non-binary communities and work extensively to support diversity, equality and sex-positivity.

Identifying as a Gender and Sexuality diverse (GSRD) therapist ensures that my qualifications are constantly upgraded and updated with various pieces of training and continuing personal development (CPD) as overseen by professional supervisors who are also accredited members of the British Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists (BACP), and College of Sexuality and Relationship therapists ( CoSRT)

Contact me: Email here or call/text 07478- 541- 231

Are you struggling with grief, sadness and depression? Has anxiety and fear left you feeling powerless with inter-relatedness, life and career? Are you overwhelmed to the point of abandoning life itself? 

Integrative Counselling supports you to grieve your losses and develop coping mechanisms that challenge the anxiety, stress and depression that life throws up.

Has your relationship hit the rocks? 

Couples counselling/ Marriage guidance supports your relationship to sail those stormy emotional seas and bring you to a calmer shore. Opening up to difficult conversations with care and compassion offers up windows of opportunity to work through past hurts and to negotiate a brighter future devoid of anger and recrimination. A firm programme of exercises and resources is put together to support your transition from pain and upset into nourishment, reciprocity and intimacy.


Psychosexual therapy
Do sexual, and sensual concerns or trauma affect your sexual performance, intimacy or levels of passion and desire?

Is your sexual energy dormant or does it feel 'off'?

Has your sensual or sexual identity become an internal battlefield as you struggle to fit in with societal norms?

Do you feel stressed when confronted by erotic themes on TV and/or avant-garde sensual/sexual or kink-affirmed environments or experiences?

Psychosexual therapy raises your awareness of your physical and emotional responses to the sensual and the sexual and how intimacy, arousal, pleasure and the current social and cultural environments you inhabit can inform bodily responses, choices and reactions.

Psychosexual therapy can include home exercises that will support your sensual and sexual re-education and re-connection.
The homeo-dynamic model of Psychosexual therapy places the client's wishes and agency at the heart of the sensual and sexual development/re-education. After all, you have one life and one-body...Isn't it time to enjoy?


Why Choose Me

Over the years I have worked with a vast array of issues ranging from mental health concerns (depression, anxiety, anger, stress, suicidal ideation, grief, and loss) to complex sexual & violent trauma, attachment issues raised by pre/post-adoption/abandonment/bereavement trauma and the multi-faceted range of Psychosexual and relationship presentations.

Psychosexual issues can arise from the internal struggles that come with the multitude of sexual orientations or identities that fall under the umbrella of sexuality.

Relational/ Marriage guidance concerns can present when discontent or disenchantment towards the 'other' emerges. This lends itself to affairs (cheating), boredom and feeling disgruntled with life and the hopes for the future.

Distancing or causing arguments from a place of resentment leads to feeling unlikable and unlovable. Relationships should be supportive, caring and considerate. Love and respect should thrive, and contentment should be a cornerstone... let's work together to re-model and re-energise your relationship between yourself and the 'other'.

As an Integrative Counsellor and Psychosexual and relationship therapist, I weave together effective and proven therapy models to support clients with whatever issues arise.

I regularly attend lectures and training from eminent professors and medical practitioners from the British Society of Sexual Medicine, The British Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists (BACP) and the College of Sexuality and Relationship therapist (CoSRT).

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Appointment process:

You are welcome to impulse call, text or email me. If I am in session and unavailable I will get back to you within 6 hours unless it's during a weekend or my leave period in which case I shall reply at the earliest opportunity.

Consultations are held via Zoom or in person.

After agreeing to work together we will look at diaries to schedule appointments. 


I have worked with many clients who have described their sessions with me as feeling "supportive and safe". Others have found me to be both "knowledgeable and professional in my approach".

Coupled clients have commented:

  • "This was better than renewing our vows"


  • " Jason, spend some time this evening knowing what a wonderful job you have done"
  • "At no time did I feel judged or that you were pushing me in a direction that I had not wished to go"


Opening times, Location and Fees:

Opening times:


  • Monday:       9 AM - 9 PM.
  • Tuesday:      9 AM - 9 PM.
  • Wednesday: 8 AM - 9 PM.
  • Thursday:     9 AM - 9 PM.
  • Friday:          Admin

Sessions are held via Zoom/online and/or in person.

I offer a discounted rate to NHS staff, students and those on low incomes who can attend via Zoom or in person between 9 AM - 4 PM. Please check with me for availability.

Mornington Crescent, Central London, NW1.

My therapy surgery in Mornington Crescent is on the cusp of Central London and North London. It's within a short walking distance of the main travel hubs of Kings Cross station, St. Pancras International Station, Euston Station, Mornington Crescent and Camden Town tube stations, and close to Regents Park, Camden Lock, Harley Street, St. Johns Wood & Belsize Park.


  • Individuals:  £90 - 50 mins session.
  • Couples:     £115 - 60 mins session.

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BLOG: Sex and Anxiety

Anxiety and stress are the most prevalent causes of pleasure and intimacy issues. Past 'failures' and abuses feed into a cycle that prevents the body from responding to sensual and sexual desires and pleasure. Fear restricts the mind and body.

The mind chatter and negative automatic thoughts are a complex web of deceit.

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BLOG: Marriage conundrums?

Why do I feel so depressed, fearful and sad whilst in a relationship?

Why has she/he/they/ turned to porn and away from our loving relationship?

Post-lockdown, what now?

Why are we fighting like cat and dog?

Where is intimacy in our relationship? I don't want a sexless life!

Where did our supportive and loving relationship go?

For many couples, the stress and anxiety of being together 24/7 has felt like a burden. Couples counselling is a space to explore and let go of locked-in resentments. You have to enter the fire to re-fashion a new relationship and embolden your hopes and dreams.

Celebrating World Mental Health Day 
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BLOG: Sex and Identity

Sexual identity is one of the most troubling client-presenting issues. Statements like 'living a lie', 'could not be me' ' hiding my true identity' are common and cause an incongruence between desire and authenticity. It's a desperate struggle.

The inner turmoil of 'coming out' and how to navigate a closeted sexual identity is a process that should be managed with great care and over a timely period. Unfortunately, many didn't have this experience and are left with emotional scarring.

Therapy is for you to make sense of your internal emotional landscape and to explore all the feelings that have and will arise once your awareness is focused, living a lie is no longer an option.

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BLOG: Men's groups

Many men are currently feeling homeless and hopeless, feeling under attack within society's slow shift to a feminine (equality) balanced and inclusive society.

The Media's focus on men as perpetrators, warmongers, and bullies has led to men withdrawing from society and feeling worthless with suicide rates skyrocketing ( sub 25-year-old a 24% year-on-year increase). Having once been valued as protectors and breadwinners, many men agonize over where their role is in modern society.

I support men in rediscovering their power by developing their inner wisdom, upholding their integrity and owning their shadow

It is not a 'battle of the sexes' but it may feel like that for you.
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